Sidney Tuggerson, Jr​

Artist's Statement

STJR Art Work  All rights reserved 2016

My Journey

My art education has been limited to periodic courses over the years.  However, I have been drawing and painting since the age of six.  As a youngster, I experimented with crayons, watercolor, pencil, and colored pencil.  

I did not paint for many years but returned to it in the 1990s.   Because it had been so long, I began by reacquainting myself with oil, acrylic, and watercolors.   I am largely self-taught, and while experimenting with various mediums,  I also became comfortable working from my fertile imagination as well as life.  

I am at a point in my life that I can devote extended periods of time to my passion and continue my exploration.

​My work involves experimenting with abstract shape,​ angle and form, light against dark.  In addition to abstracts, I work in natural forms.  Often, my work contains a great deal of detail.  I am an intuitive artist, working from both my imagination and live subjects.  I have a fondness for  still life and flowers.  Color drives my work.

It has been said that my work is colorful and joyful.  I love this description as I try to bring the same qualities to my life.